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Staying Competitive :

This simple statement is having a profound impact on businesses across the globe.
Primarily since the 1980’s, many Western companies have taken advantage of the cost saving benefits of sourcing their production first in Asian Tiger countries of East Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, S. Korea and Singapore then in the 1990’s China.
Yet, to companies without experienced in-house knowledge, offshore sourcing can be extremely complicated and risky.
Asia Link LLC represents factories located in Taiwan and China. Asia Link LLC can walk your company through the international sourcing maze and help you take advantage of the benefits available in this global economy. With over 37 years of combined experience in offshore product sourcing, we help you navigate through the obstacles to global sourcing. Whether it’s language barriers, shipping issues, customs questions or duties and tariffs, Asia Link LLC has the experience to assist your company successfully implement a Asian sourcing strategy.
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